Quick Guide To Buying Gaming Accessories

Quick Guide To Buying Gaming Accessories

Your gaming experience hinges a great deal on the accessories you have been using.

Monitors: Though monitors with full HD resolution are adequate for the most part, if you can spend a little more, with games being made for 2K and 4K monitors now, it’s about time you bought a monitor that supports such resolutions. The experience does change.

Refresh rates (number of times the screen refreshes per second) of 75Hz is adequate, but for a better experience, 144Hz or higher is recommended. Developers of online multiplayer game PUBG also recommend using monitors with refresh rate of 144H or higher. Monitors that support Nvidia’s proprietary G-Sync technology reduce input lag and provide a tear free gaming experience.

Game controllers: While Sony and Microsoft bundle wireless controllers with their respective consoles, PC gamers have to get them separately. Microsoft’s Xbox Controllers (₹3,999) for Windows OS which connect via USB are the best available option.

Mouse: A typical gaming mouse will almost always be wired and have higher resolution (dots per inch) than regular mice. Some even have built-in memory to remember the preferred pointer speed for every game. For long gaming sessions, opt for a mouse with better padding and wide palm rest. Ones with built-in buttons and software which allows users to do a lot more than just scroll, aim and shoot weapons with the mouse.

Keyboards Mechanical keyboards based on actual spring switches are perfect for gaming. Backlit keys are indispensable if you wish to play in dark. Also, gaming keyboards have macro keys that can be programmed as shortcut buttons.

Headphones Gaming can be a noisy affair. Headphones with noise isolation can come in handy. If you like to play for long hours, go for headphones that are not very heavy, come with soft padding and have large ear cups. Gamers also need to chat with other gamers, particularly in multiplayer games. For them, a headphone with microphone is essential. So look for products that use some sort of surround sound technology like Dolby Audio.


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